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The Lighting experts...

Light up your summer!

We pride ourselves on our lighting expertise. At this time of year you will be having barbeques and generally spening more time in the garden. If you are considering having your garden professionally lit let us help you with the design and install, or if you have purchased your own garden lights let us advise you on the best way to have them installed.

For interior lighting the sky is the limit. We can advise you on anything from the most complicated switching system and lavish lighting, to simple requirements.

Headboard lights professionally installed by Scooch Electricians Dual Spot lights fitted by Scooch Electrical recessed spotlights installed by Scooch Chandelier installed by Scooch Electrical
An Attractive Garden Wall Light Installation by Scooch Electricians
Garden Lights Professionally Installed by Scooch Electrical in Hove Garden Patio Lights professionally Fitted in Sussex by Scooch Electrical

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