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Product of the Month

tackling the build up of moisture and mould in your home...

Greenwood Airvac CV2GIP Extractor Fan

Is this the quietest extractor fan on the market?

Unity CV2GIP revolves around a one product concept – One Fan, Any Room, All Installations and is the newest and most innovative dMEV fan to be brought to the UK Market.

Designed for new build and refurbishment applications, it delivers a cutting edge performance as a result of its unique and innovative design – Unity CV2GIP is really one of a kind!

Key benefits:
  • Superior Performance – the best you can buy in the UK for continuous single point ventilation (dMEV)
  • The unique ability to adjust and specifically set airflow for each home to meet design criteria – Guaranteed Installed Performance
  • Extremely quiet running – no nuisance noise!! Suitable for new build and refurbishment
  • SMART Technology by Greenwood – more efficiencies, more effective and tangible savings!